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Full Online Curriculum
Thousands of learning activities for 3 to 6 year olds in Reading, Numbers, My World, Story Time, Songs, Art, Chinese and Spanish.
Optimal Learning Journey
Daily lessons giving the optimal learning journey for each child.
Step-by-Step Lessons
ChuChu School contains hundreds of step-by-step lessons designed to make concepts easy to understand. Concepts are brought to life by Harlo and Eggsie in a fun, engaging manner.

Animations are used to aid understanding and children can pause and replay at any time.
Incredible 3D Worlds
3-2-1 Go!! This is the catchphrase for the start of the most fun learning games ever!!

On the downloadable app version children are immersed in an environment where they give 100% of their focus in short, sharp learning bursts to maximize learning. Children forget they are learning and simply feel they are playing cool video games!
ChuChu School also contains a languages program with hundreds of lessons, activities and songs in Spanish and Mandarin, which are especially helpful for children whose first language is not English, or for those who are trying to learn a new language!
Science & Geography
The “My World” section contains over 220 narrated books covering:

  • Animals
  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Inventions
  • Oceans
  • People
  • Plants
  • Space
  • Technology
  • Weather
Story Time
We want every child to develop a love of stories - we believe this is an essential prerequisite of being a great reader. ChuChu School contains a library of wonderful stories designed to engage and captivate young audiences.

ChuChu Stories - follow ChuChu and friends on exciting adventures packed with fun and learning!

Super Eggies - join the magical superheroes from Eggie Street on lots of enchanted and fantastical adventures!

Fairy Tales & More - includes favorites such as Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Pinocchio.

Brave Little Friends - follow the story of the Brave Little Friends in their quest to be big!

Classics - includes Wizard of Oz, The Velveteen Rabbit and the Beatrix Potter series.

Jokes - Twenty-one jokes books that both amuse and aid in language development